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What to Expect When She is Expecting

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When your wife or girlfriend tells you that she is pregnant, avoid dumbfound silence to “umm, tequila shot?” and in between as potential responses. Needless to say, those are all incorrect responses. 

The correct response can be brief (‘wow!’) or poetic and effusive (e.g., “how do I love thee? Let me count the ways …”) – that depends on how seriously you take yourself, but what matters are the emotions that are conveyed – wonderment, amazement, joy, and most importantly excitement. 


This is an unbelievably fragile time for her and she needs to know that you’ll be part of this 9 month long journey. Once the initial response is sorted, memorize 3 important words to help you tide through the next 9 months. (No, the words aren’t “I love you”, although saying those frequently enough can’t hurt.)

The three magic words are: “Sorry” and “Of course.” 


By relying on just these three words, you will come out in one piece after these 9 infinite months. Hormones necessary for the baby inside her to grow are going to take your wife on an emotional roller-coaster. If you thought PMS was bad, you ain’t seen nuthin yet. Your lovely, sweet, gentle wife is undergoing a transformation (a Kafkaesque metamorphosis, if you will) into a raging, fire-breathing dragon albeit one who cries at the sight of cute woolly lambs frolicking in the meadows. It is in your best interest to be agreeable at all times. She wants a back rub? Of course! You forgot to get her a slice of rhubarb pie from across town? Sorry! She wants to watch Glee instead of your club’s last game of the season? Of course!


Remember, at the end of the day men do have it easy. We don’t have to deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy. Our bodies won’t become unrecognizable. We won’t start forgetting little things at work. We will still be able to sleep in any position we want to. That glass of wine is still an option, as is the rare steak or the sushi dinner. Our ankles won’t swell, our hair won’t thin, and we won’t be hit with a wave of nausea every morning. And most critically, it’s not us who has to go through labor. 

Yet we will still get to experience the joy of a beautiful baby at the end. That alone makes it all worth it. Equally importantly, these little gestures towards your pregnant wife make you a stronger family. They bring you and your wife closer together making you better spouses and perhaps even more patient parents.


Nothing you do for her can compare to the gift she is giving you. So the next time your pregnant wife is raging at you for having left your clothes strewn across the room, just nod, give her a hug, and say “I’m sorry”. (“I love you” won’t hurt this time either).




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Contributed by Bilal

Bilal is one of the founders, and editor-at-large of Bright Babyhood. He is a management consultant,loving husband, father of a rambunctious toddler, and Batman (for real). In between juggling his busy career and running after his son, Bilal likes to read and build his collection of books. His writings can be found at www.BrightBabyhood.com.

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