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Top 5 Music Albums for Kids (That Adults Will Not Hate)

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Many studies have shown that exposure to music and musical training boosts a child’s cognitive development with life-long impacts. In addition, music keeps children endlessly entertained and opens up opportunities for parents to interact with their little ones.

Exposing children to music should be an open-and-shut case, a no-brainer. However, let’s face it –  most children’s albums are annoying and difficult to listen to, day-in and day-out.

This article is written in an effort to stop parents from going completely bonkers listening to The Wiggles on repeat. For the sake of your sanity, we suggest buying some new tunes before any of the following symptoms become serious:

  • Recurring nightmares about “5 Little Monkeys Jumping” on your bed
  • Developing elaborate plans to ‘off’ Barney the Dinosaur
  • Experiencing hallucinations of hand-to-hand combat when listening to “The Ants Go Marching”
  • Hoarsely screaming Old Macdonald’s “E-I-E-I-O” like a war-cry
  • Serenading your significant other with “Do the Monkey”

If you have experienced any of the symptoms listed above, it may already be too late for you. We suggest seeking expert medical help immediately.

But if you are not there yet, download these albums and save yourself.



The following albums are by reputed artists, whose music you have probably heard in albums geared towards adults. This list highlights some of the most catchy songs on these albums. It also provides web links to the iTunes  store where you can listen to a sample of the music and even download the album if you like what you hear:

1. Snacktime by The Barenaked Ladies

Snacktime is the debut children’s album by multi-platinum Grammy nominees, The Barenaked Ladies, perhaps best known for their hit single One Week and the theme song for the sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

This album features melodious music with witty lyrics that are guaranteed to make you and your kids burst out laughing. It features tracks such as Crazy ABC’siconwith clever lyrics like:

A is for Aisle

B for Bdellium

C is for Czar

D is for Djinn

E for Euphrates

Additional songs include the Snacktime Trilogy in which the first song, Snacktime, is an ode to snacks with cameos by famous people talking about their favorite snacks. Another, great tune is Allergies which educates kids on the different types of allergies in a fun, lyrical manner.

However, our favorite song, by far, is 7 8 9 which goes something like:


 1, 2, 3 and 4 more makes 7,

 And 6 is afraid of 7, cause 7 ate 9



Overall, Snacktime,  is a fun, catchy album with ingenious lyrics to keep your kids and you thoroughly amused and entertained.


2. Family Time by Ziggy Marley

Family Time is  brimful of harmonious tunes by the reggae artist Ziggy Marley (son of Bob Marley). This is a diverse album with a variety of reggae and rock influenced songs as well as narrations. It also features several collaborations with music greats such as Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, and Jack Johnson as well as narrations by artists such as Jamie Lee Curtis.

Songs such as Walk Tall featuring Paul Simon are pleasure to listen to because of their upbeat music and positive message:

Walk tall, walk tall

Even if you fall get up

Stand tall, stand tall

Even if you fall get up

Life is a lesson that we must learn

If you play with fire you might get burnt

If you worry too much

You gonna get stressed

So brush off the dust

And lift up your chest          

The composition and message of this song is reminiscent of Bob Marley’s song, Don’t Worry, Be Happy, which he sung for Ziggy.

Even though this is not exclusively a reggae album, it definitely highlights the essence of reggae, even in its rock songs.  All in all, this is a cheery album with relaxing music.


3. Here Comes Science By They May Be Giants

This rock album, by Grammy award winners They Might Be Giants makes science very palatable for kids. And the music is so catchy and lyrics so clever that even adults can learn a thing or two. Another plus point for this album: it comes with a DVD with animated, colorful videos which can help kids understand basic scientific concepts.

Our favorite song, in this album, is Meet the Elements which explains the very dull concept of the periodic table in a fun  tune:

Hey, who let in all these elephants?

Did you know that elephants are made of elements?

Elephants are mostly made of four elements

And every living thing is mostly made of four elements

Plants, bugs, birds, fish, bacteria and men

Are mostly carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen



Another great song in this compilation is The Bloodmobile which explains, in a lyrical way, how the cardiovascular system works:

The Bloodmobile

The Bloodmobile

A delivery service inside us


The white blood cells are soldiers

That fight infectious germs

They make the antibodies

Their weapons in the fight

The army is transported

Wherever they must go

Delivered by the Bloodmobile


This album is a great way to teach your kids fun factoids about science from photosynthesis to the cardiovascular system, to evolution to the electric car. All in all, this is a fantastic album which will resonate with the kids and will appeal to the nerd in you too.

4. For The Kids By Various Artists

A great compilation, by some rock and pop giants, this album will have you and your kids tapping your feet and humming the melodies.

For the Kids has renditions of some famous tunes, by rock and pop icons, that you might have grown up listening to. From the hilarious ode to Ernie and Bert in La La La La Lemon, by The Barenaked Ladies; to the mellifluous rendition of The Rainbow Connection by Sarah McLachlan; to the haunting tune Goodnight Children Everywhere by Sixpence None the Richer; to Tom Waits  belting out Bend Down the Branches in his raspy voice, this CD will not disappoint.


Additionally, it has tunes like The Hoppity Song and Snow Day that are sure to make your kids dance and sing.

Overall, I highly recommend For the Kids, as a melodic addition to your children’s song library and for a nice walk down memory lane. And if you like it, this album has two sequels with songs by some more talented singers.

5. You Are My Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell has compiled this feel good album for kids that is full of warm, beautiful tunes for you and your kids. The music in this album is acoustic and includes covers of songs sung by the likes of Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and The Velvet Underground.

Our favorite song is a melodic rendition of Little Liza Jane, a song dating back to the early 1900s, which has been covered by jazz, folk, and rock artists alike. Another beautiful tune is Who’s My Pretty Baby, which I have found myself singing to my son at times when he is upset. It invariably always gets at least smile out of him.

You Are My Little Bird is perfect for a peaceful afternoon with you kids and is certain to put you and your kids in a magical mood.


So next time you are trapped in long car ride, and are going insane listening to Barney, the Wiggles, or some such, put on any of these albums instead. They will not only entertain your kids but will also make you smile and perhaps even sing along.


 Photograph credit: keiichi.I ; Foter

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